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Student Essay: Protect Animal Rights!

By Lily Iatridis  January 29, 2016

_BLOG Animal RightsIn today's student showcase, we're sharing a persuasive essay by a homeschooled high schooler from Tennessee. Cassi P. is halfway through the Essay Rock Star full semester course, we look forward to working with her through the rest of the program!

The arguments in this persuasive essay are noted for their strong structure as each one is supported with compelling detail and anticipates and responds to possible counter arguments. These elements are all important aspects to a successful persuasive essay. 

The topic is of Cassi's own choosing.

Protect Animal Rights

by Cassi P.

Throughout the history of humankind, we have fought for our freedom and the rights we deserve as human beings. Although we put in a lot of thought and effort in helping ourselves and our fellow humans, what have we done for the animals that are in desperate need of our assistance? Animals, just like people, are living creatures that also deserve to have certain rights and freedoms. A lot of the animals in our world today are treated unethically and inhumanely, and steps must be taken to improve the rights of these precious creatures.

Animals in factory farms are treated rather unjustly. In factory farms, animals are treated as objects used to create profit. Rather than being seen as actual living creatures, they are seen as a means to produce milk, hamburgers, scrambled eggs, and accessories. Laying hens are kept in tiny crates not even big enough for them to spread their wings, and are “de-beaked” without any means of anesthesia. Breeding sows are kept in filthy cages too small for them to even turn around or stretch out their limbs, and are forced to have litter after litter of piglets until she is considered useless and sent to the slaughter. Cows are treated much in the same way as that of the pigs, being kept in cages unfit for an animal of its size. In addition to this, male baby cows are taken from their mothers at birth, the reason being that they are not “useful” as they cannot produce milk. These babies are then placed in veal crates where they too cannot move or turn around, and are force-fed, not their mother’s milk, but a formula constructed to keep their skin pale (pale skin is appealing to consumers). Some people believe it is acceptable to keep animals in these terrible conditions and bestow such harsh treatment upon these creatures because they “cannot think for themselves” or “aren’t like people.” However, animals feel as much pain as humans do, and, like people, animals suffer when kept in cages. In the U.S., when one commits a crime, some of the harshest forms of punishment are execution and imprisonment. However animals face these sentences every day without having committed any crime whatsoever. Jeremy Bentham once said “The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?"

Laboratory animals are mistreated and tortured unnecessarily. Laboratory animals, like factory farm animals, have to go through the unimaginable too. While it is somewhat understandable that animal research is executed for the purpose of curing diseases, a lot of animal research is done for the sole purpose of creating cosmetics. While researching on these animals for medical purposes is rather justifiable, researching on them for the purpose of cosmetics is not. A life is a life, if you must take one, make it count for something important. There is no reason for these animals to suffer so that we can have certain conveniences and petty luxuries.

Animal lives are constantly being taken for the purpose of sport and entertainment. Every day innocent animal lives are pointlessly killed, stuffed, and placed on walls like trophies in the name of good fun. While back in the day hunting was a method of survival, today it is a sport. Animals were put on the earth for us to enjoy as fellow living beings, and should be treated as such. Too many wonderful creatures are becoming endangered and even extinct due to this absurdity, and it needs to stop. In defense, people say that hunting is a way of life and a means for food. But, when was the last time you ate an apple and displayed the core on your wall? If the purpose of hunting was solely for nourishment, there would not be such a thing as animal trophies.

If we continue encaging, killing, mocking, and teasing animals, what does that say about humanity itself? If we continue to be accustomed in executing such acts and do not teach our descendants to act differently, who is to say that one day we won’t treat each other in the same manner? If we would simply just take the time and think about what we are doing to these creatures, I believe things could change for the better. If we would look in their eyes and see a bit of ourselves in them, we could and can learn to see them as fellow beings and treat them in ways that they deserve.


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