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If your kids can't write well, what impact will that have on their college experience, their career, their relationships -- their life?

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The truth is that schools won’t take them, they won’t get a good job, and their professional relationships will suffer. Nobody is ever going to want to read anything they write!

That’s why we’d like to offer you...

Top Teach: 7 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Teach Your Teenager Confidence, Strong Writing Habits and Critical Thinking Skills for Success


In the Top Teach curriculum, you’ll learn several activities and techniques that, when implemented regularly, will create strong writing habits in your kids. This is key to academic success.

You’ll become your kids’ Top Teach as we show you how to:

  • Make writing a comfortable habit for your kids
  • Remove emotional blocks around writing
  • Make your kids stronger readers
  • Make your kids feel safe to take risks when they do write
  • Use specific techniques to help your kids grow their critical thinking skills
  • Make your kids confident that they can write.

It's not hard when you know what to do!

This course is offered online so that you go at your own pace, work on the course at whatever time of day and on any device you want. PLUS you still get feedback and direct interaction with an instructor whenever you need it.

That’s why we teach all the courses in online writing program this way. Presenting a well-thought-out lesson is an important part of learning, but that’s only one piece of it. We all need professional teachers available to us -- to review assignments, give individual feedback and answer questions -- to truly reinforce and cement learning. 

The Top Teach free course also allow parents to sample the teaching approach in our Writing Rockstars paid writing curriculum for teens. 

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In 2011, 73% of U.S. teens didn’t demonstrate writing competency, according to the National Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education. The lack of writing skills is an alarming weakness in our teens’ education today, and it's unacceptable. That’s why we’re offering writing programs before all others. Writing is a skill your kids are going to need in all academic and work life situations. We want to help you help them. 

Let’s make sure your kids don’t fall into that 73%.

Let us make your job easier!

We can do it together online!

When you sign in to your online classroom account, you’ll be guided through an orientation to our learning platform. After that, you'll be directed to the first lesson for Top Teach. You’ll see the lesson in both video and in text to suit different learning styles.

Once you listen to or read the lesson, you’ll be given an assignment, and when you're done, send it to your instructor and go to the next lesson. If you have any questions about any of the lessons or assignments, message your instructor, and you'll get a response within 24 business hours. 

We’re here whenever you need us!SP - DividerWriting well is like cooking. You have to have the right ingredients and combine them in the right way at the right time and temperature to make something delicious.

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It's the same as teaching kids to write. There’s more to it than just doing a few independent lessons. It’s many elements combined properly at the right time and order that sets them up for success. We’re going to give you those ingredients in Top Teach and support you in using them to help your kids.

In Top Teach, you’ll teach your kids strong writing habits as you:

  • Put together a reading list for your child
  • Create a writing journal for them
  • Set up a positive environment for reading and writing
  • Begin and continue daily reading and writing activities
  • Support reluctant kids and overcome resistance
  • Track your kids’ work and reward them for it
  • Develop their critical thinking skills with specific follow-up discussions.

Top Teach: 7 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Teach Your Teens Confidence, Strong Writing Habits, and Critical Thinking Skills for Success...AT HOME.

Access Top Teach today for absolutely no cost!

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Here’s what students and parents have to say about our courses...

SP - carson_f.jpg"I learned that I can indeed write, with a little help.”

~Carson F., Goodyear, AZ

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“I would say that [Kaylee] now feels that everything
is doable. She looks forward to the challenge
without feeling overwhelmed. “

~Judy Hoch,

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Are you committed to teaching your children the writing habits they need to succeed in school and in their adult lives? If you are, then take our course. There’s absolutely no downside to doing so.

    It’s easy.

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    All you need to do is set up your account and access the course. PLUS, from time to time, you’ll get emails tips, resources, and discounts to serve your children's education excellence. If you decide that you don't want to be on our subscriber list, let us know, and we'll remove you right away.

    What are you waiting for? Put our ideas to work for you and your kids. 


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