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Founder Lily Iatridis talks about the Writing Rockstars homeschool writing curriculum. Our unique self-paced, mastery teaching approach pairs a live professional teacher with each student to help them become the best writers they can be.

Homeschooling Students Improve Writing Skills With Our Online Writing Program

From happy students:

“I learned that I can indeed write, with a little help.”
~Carson F., AZ

"I do not enjoy writing; it doesn't come naturally to me, so when my mom told me that I was starting this new writing program called Essay Rock Star to prepare me for college, I cringed. I thought it would be like all the other ones I have used before, but with Essay Rock Star and Ms. Iatridis I have improved my writing ability and don't dread writing papers anymore. She does a great job of showing you the step-to-step process of writing a paper and how to improve your writing ability." 
 ~Ian S., OH 
From happy parents:
"All of my children are voracious readers, and I had hoped my son would pick up formal writing just as easily as his older sister. Unfortunately, before signing up for Essay Rock Star, he could barely write a paragraph, and had made it his mission in life to prove that it was possible to succeed without writing! He has just finished his first essay, and I am thrilled with his progress! Ms. I's interesting video lessons, clear directions, and gentle encouragement, have helped my son's confidence blossom. I have no doubt he will enter high school prepared to handle any writing assignment that comes his way! Thank you!"
  ~Jenica Webster, NC
“I liked the format of breaking writing assignments into steps and providing feedback for each part of the assignment. 
 ~Judith Sharkey, Goodyear, AZ

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