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About Writing Rockstars

After teaching for more than ten years in a traditional classroom and taking some years off to start a family, I began to explore the possibilities of offering online courses on my own. I wanted to create an educational environment where I could give students all the one on one time and support they needed with their teacher but still have the flexibility to spend time with my own family. Writing Rockstars is the result of that choice.

The vast majority of Writing Rockstars's students are homeschooled. Writing Rockstars has a special place in its heart for homeschoolers. Homeschooling is a herculean task. We want to support homeschooling parents’ success. Our teachers have had a lot of experience teaching the same subject many times to many different types of learners. Homeschooling parents can benefit from this experience. In our classes, parents can learn how we teach a subject while their children take the course. Not only that, but parents can also enjoy a break from the pressure of being the lead teacher in every subject.

Our online courses focus on skills mastery. Therefore, every student takes a course at their own pace. The lessons, along with audios, videos, and resource materials, are already uploaded into the online classroom. This way, our teachers devote their time daily to working one on one with students. They carefully review student work, give individual feedback, and provide strategies and suggestions for improvement for as long as each student needs until they're ready to move on.

The first area of Writing Rockstars’s course offerings is in middle and high school level writing. In 2011, a full 73% of U.S. teens tested failed to demonstrate writing competency, according to the annual report of the NCES or National Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education. This is especially alarming, because writing is a skill teenagers are going to need in almost any academic or work environment. Let's change that.

To tell you a little more about myself, I hold a Masters Secondary Teaching from American University, a Masters in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University. The courses offered by Writing Rockstars are also backed by professional teaching experience. I've worked for two years as an English teacher in Japan, ten years at public schools in Maryland and Virginia, and finally I taught at a small private school in New Jersey for two years before embracing online teaching fully in 2012.

~ Lily Iatridis, Founder

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