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With: Lily Iatridis
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Let us help you become the Top Teach that sets your kids' course for writing excellence. You'll learn to:

  • Make writing a comfortable habit for your kids
  • Remove emotional blocks they have around writing
  • Take the pressure off of difficult writing assignments
  • Make your kids stronger readers
  • Give them confidence in their ability to write
  • Make your kids feel safe to take risks when they do write
  • Give them choice and control over their work without losing quality
  • Use specific techniques to help your kids grow their critical thinking skills
  • Make your kids confident that they can write, and it's easy!

For a detailed explanation of our online classroom, teaching method, and to view testimonials for our Writing Rockstars programs, please click here.

Course content includes:

Introduction and Creating a Positive Mindset: Prepare Your Reading List

Welcome! Review the brief introduction video in this short lesson so that you'll have a clear understanding of the purpose and structure of the course. The next lesson shows you, parents, how to work with your children to have fun putting together a reading list in order to help our kids develop a positive attitude or mindset toward daily reading, which is key to developing strong writing skills.

Creating a Positive Mindset: Find a Writing Journal

Now it's time to set the stage for a positive mindset to do a little writing every day too! Here, we show you how to work with your child to create a writing journal of their very own.

Creating a Comfortable Physical Environment: Choose a Reading Nook

Our focus here is to help you find a comfortable "nook" at home for your kids to do their daily reading and writing. We show you how to work with your children to find one where they'll enjoy spending a little quiet time every day.

Developing New Daily Reading and Writing Habits: Begin Daily Reading

Now we start to develop daily habits of reading and writing to set the foundation for your kids to be strong and confident writers. In this lesson, we show you how to begin a daily reading activity with your kids and discuss how to support them as they get used to this new routine.

Developing New Daily Reading and Writing Habits: Begin Daily Writing

Time for daily writing to begin! In this short lesson, we give you a daily writing activity to use that your kids will be able to complete in minutes. Directions include suggestions on where to draw a firm line and where you can give them complete freedom for maximum results.

Tracking and Following up on their Work: Keep a Reading and Writing Log

In this lesson, we show you several ways to track your kids' progress and more important, celebrate their accomplishments. We also share ideas for motivating reluctant readers and writers.

Following up on their Work: Exercise their Critical Thinking Muscle

For this lesson, we instruct you on how to have a simple follow up discussion with your kids that will exercise and develop their critical thinking skills.

Review and Wrap up

Here we review all that you've learned and wrap up the course. 

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