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Welcome To The Writing Rockstars Affiliate Program

This exciting program allows you to generate income without any cost or obligation on your part. It's free and easy to join! You must operate or own a website to be a part of this Affiliate Program.

Becoming an Affiliate for Writing Rockstars is FREE and SIMPLE! Just apply, link to our website, (via special HTML codes provided by us), refer customers who buy on our site and GET PAID!

We have two affiliate levels in our program. Our entry level Rockstar Affiliates earn 15% on the sale of every product referred through the Affiliate link, while our Rockstar Gold Affiliates earn 20% on every sale. Additionally, our cookies are set to never expire, and the first affiliate gets the commission.

To qualify for Rockstar Gold Affiliate status, we need to see that your affiliate link brings in new subscribers and course registrations every consecutive quarter over the course of a year.  

Once you sign up for our Affiliate Program, you will be assigned a unique Affiliate ID Number and be given a unique link which identifies your affiliate status to use on your website when you promote Writing Rockstars's courses and products. Everyone who clicks through the link from your website carries your Affiliate ID Number with them. Banner ads and images of various sizes linked to your Affiliate ID Number are available for all of our courses and products in the Affiliate Center.

As soon as the orders for our products start coming in from referrals from your site, you make money! We handle the order, shipment and billing. And we pay you a 15% commission for the sale when you first join our program. The more referrals you make to our website who buy our products, the more money you make!

 Sign up to be an Affiliate here!

Note: If you are new to Writing Rockstars, you'll be directed to set up a simple user account with us first. After that, you'll be directed to our Affiliate center to join our program.

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