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Don't Be an Idea Thief!

Avoid the Pain of Plagiarism!

Get This Short, Free Ebook NOW.


Do you ever wonder how much you should help your kids with a writing assignment?

Have your teenagers started doing online research for their writing projects?

If your answer to either of those two questions is YES, then grab a copy of this short ebook and read it with your kids NOW!

Imagine if your own trustworthy, honest kid was mortified and deeply upset by an accusation of plagiarism, only to find out....

That they're accidentally guilty of it because they didn’t know the rules!

In this age of copy and paste, it’s easier than ever to accidentally plagiarize and have NO IDEA that you’re doing it.

Make sure that NEVER happens. By knowing the rules explained simply in this ebook…

Your kids will be confident, self-assured writers who boldly share their own ideas in their own original papers.

Read the easy-to-follow guidelines in our ebook. You and your kids will learn exactly what counts as plagiarism, how to identify it quickly, and how to correct it. 

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Don't Be An Idea Thief!

Avoid the Pain of Plagiarism.

 Get This Short Ebook NOW.


Everybody knows that plagiarism is against the rules.

But few know what counts as plagiarism and how to fix it correctly!!

  • Exactly what falls within the realm of plagiarism
  • The one way to avoid plagiarism permanently
  • How parents accidentally plagiarize when helping their kids
  • How to avoid the dangers of too much "cut and paste"
  • How to organize research notes at the start to avoid plagiarism later
  • Our Anti-Plagiarism Review Checklist

Here's what happy parents who already have a copy of the ebook have to say:

WOW!! This is a gem and a wonderful resource for me as I homeschool my sons and prepare them for college. I can't tell you how much this will help me because it's been 20 some years since I have had to cite anything.~Pamela King

"I just wanted to let you know that I thought this e-book about plagiarism is wonderful. It is simple for students to understand, doesn't take long to read and addresses a problem that is increasingly common in this technological age. Although I have discussed plagiarism with my kids many times, it has been difficult for me to communicate exactly what constitutes plagiarism (especially when it comes to common knowledge.) Thank you for making this issue easier to address."~Angela Horton Angela at Gallimaufry Grove

"Just scanned your ebook on plagiarism. What a helpful resource! I love the idea of the running Resource List. So much easier to do with a computer than in the age of index cards."~Suzanne Broadhurst


If your kids use information from other websites for their school work, they need to read this ebook.

It's easy to avoid plagiarism! 

Don't miss out on this opportunity. 

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