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Lis_AcornsNuggetsofGold"My daughter enjoyed this new-to-us concept, and was very pleased to be given some very positive feedback on her assignments, as she has been a reluctant writer in the past. She was pleasantly surprised to find out that "good readers make good writers" really does hold true (at least in her case). As a matter of fact, the feedback was the source of big smiles a couple of times... "Wow! Mom! I didn't expect all those adjectives!" was her immediate reaction when reading the assessment of some of her submitted work."

~Lis P., Acorns ~ Nuggets of Gold


Alane_Reaping_Harvest"Although Ben hasn't finished the course (he's close!), I really love this high school writing program and that I am getting some support and help (which is actually a little bit of a break!). If you are looking for that -- and a .5 credit in composition -- I think this is definitely a worthwhile investment in your middle or high school student. I have a relatively reluctant writer who lacks confidence in his ability. Mrs. Iatridis has definitely given Ben a confidence boost in his writing, and I'm very grateful for the way in which we are able to flex this program with our busy life right now. Mrs. Iatridis has been good about getting back to us in a day or so of Ben turning in his assignments, so any slow response has been on our end."   

 ~Alane, Reaping a Harvest


Tara_This_Sweet_Life"The Essay Rock Star courses are fantastic. They really teach the kids how to write for the real world. They are very thorough. If you struggle to teach homeschool writing, you should definitely check this out. If you have a reluctant writer, this may be just what they need to get over the hurdle. If you have an aspiring writer who doesn’t like mom or dad to critique their work, this may be the answer! I plan to have Emma work through the rest of these over the next few years."  

~Tara, This Sweet Life


Tess_Circling_Through"Turtlegirl was this close to mastering persuasive essay writing. She was able to obtain mastery with this course. She and I are both confident that she can write well. We’ll be taking those skills she has learned and applying them to other essay types. I love that she gained so much confidence in her own writing ability."   

~Tess H., Circling Through This Life


Beth_Hollmann"Emma is still working on her personal statement, and I have seen her confidence increase as she's worked with Ms. I. If you're looking for a homeschool writing course, and an online option would work for your family, I highly recommend Writing Rockstars's Essay Rock Star program. Your student will gain solid writing skills, and Ms. I makes it as painless as possible–even fun."   

~Beth Hollmann, Acorn Hil Academy


Tere_Scott"I was very excited to have the opportunity to review this course. My son is a very reluctant writer. Even though, he read fluently at age 3, he no longer enjoys either reading or writing. He's very timid to write anything, and the idea of turning in his work to a real instructor who would grade it was overwhelming to him, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the instructor would return the work with such encouraging words for comments. There was no reason to be afraid."   

~Tere Scott, Puddle Jumping


Jen_Be_Thou_Exalted"One of my favourite things Writing Rockstars has to offer is that there is nothing for me to do, no grading, proofreading, lesson plans, etc. Everything is online, assignments are sent via the website and the teacher will respond via emails. This makes my job so much easier!"   

~Jen Bauer, Be Thou Exalted


Laura_Day_by_Day_in_Our_World"Now, as for this homeschool mother’s opinion, I am impressed with what I’ve seen in this particular course. Once you have purchased the class, you go to the classroom tab on the website to access the materials. During the registration process, you can enter the student’s email address for communication. I kept it set to my own email which meant that I could see the feedback rather than having to ask my son for it."   

 ~Laura O., Day by Day in Our World


Dawn_Guilding_Homeschool"It is a fairly simple program with the normal online reading part taking 15 minutes or less. They also have the option to pick if the assignment is read to them or if they want to read it themselves. J had the first one read to him and then he read the others (because it took less time for him to read it than to listen to it being read to him). Having this option is wonderful though as it can help different types of learners!"   

~Dawn, Guiding Light Homeschool


Lynn_This_Day_Has_Great_Potential"My Eagle Scout shared that it is very cool how Mrs. Iatridis responds so quickly and gives me great imput on how to improve what I'm writing. Especially since I'm her Star Student. {Obviously this boy does NOT have a self-esteem issue. He is quite the comedian.} He truly has enjoyed all of the assignments and especially likes that he can work on them at his own pace. I like that he is getting constructive criticism from someone other than me and that Lily reinforces what I've been teaching."

~Lynn, This Day Has Great Potential


Jen_Forever_For_Always"I was very impressed with how his final essay turned out. When he read it to his Dad, his Dad said “that’s the best thing you have ever written!”. I know Jacob felt good to hear that remark. I also know he gained confidence from this course. Confidence that he could get the job done without me hovering and confidence that he can indeed write an essay."

~Jen Dunlap, Forever, For Always


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