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Our Writing Rockstars 

Browse through this page and read finished essays by our students who completed the Essay Rockstar homeschool writing curriculum. These are posted with the permission of both students and parents. 

This personal statement essay was written by Jesse, a homeschooled dyslexic student from California, at age 14. She participated in the Essay Rock Star semester program. She was able to participate comfortably by listening to the audios versions of each lesson and resource article that are included in the course.

Who Am I

The following is an excellent example of an expository essay from Aster, a 13 year old 8th grader from Virginia. An expository essay is an essay whose purpose is to explain or inform readers on any subject. We find Aster’s essay to be an especially informative and highly organized expository essay that handled a broad subject neatly. Doing so successfully is no small challenge. Aster took our Expository Essay Short Course.

Marine Science and its Importance to the World

The following is a textual analysis essay by homeschooled upper high schooler Baylee from Kentucky. A textual analysis is an essay whose purpose is to evaluate another person’s creation to see if they achieved their purpose. Examples of textual analysis essays include product reviews, book reviews and movie reviews. Baylee, a paintball aficionado, wrote his textual analysis or product review on a new paintball gun model. The challenge for Baylee in this essay was to write about a highly technical subject in language that a reader without any prior knowledge can understand. When Baylee began the program, his mother shared that he was not a very confident writer and often asked her to review his work, but by this essay, he was working completely on his own. There is also an Essay Rockstar Textual Analysis short course that teaches this essay type only available on our Course Listings page.

The Tippmann A-5

This personal statement essay is by Cassie P., a homeschooled high schooler approaching graduation. We find this essay is notable in the way Cassie beautifully weaves in her overarching themes (life lessons) into a smoothly flowing personal narrative about her experience as a basketball player. Cassie is also in our Essay Rockstar semester program.

Who Am I

This is a persuasive essay by Chloe, a homeschooled ninth grader from NY. Chloe is a reluctant writer, so she works on the Essay Rock Star semester program once a week only and will finish up over the course of a year or so. This is her second essay project in the program. We like the powerfully supported arguments Chloe developed for this essay. She may be a reluctant writer, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a deep thinker.


This personal statement essay is by Devin, a homeschooled 10th grader from PA. Devin’s mother shared with us that he thinks he’s not a good writer, but the essay below clearly proves the opposite. Devin’s in our semester long Essay Rock Star program.

Who Am I

This is an expository essay by Kaylee, Devin’s younger sister, who took the Essay Rock Star semester program when she was in the 8th grade. Kaylee’s is an excellent example of an expository “how to” essay.


This essay by homeschooled 8th grader Jack C. from Georgia is his third out of four in the Essay Rock Star full semester program. The requirement was to write an analytical review, and he chose to review his current favorite video game.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In this student showcase, we're sharing a textual analysis by one of our homeschooled high school students from Australia, Abbey T. A textual analysis is a critical review of a piece to determine its author's purpose and how well that purpose was achieved.

A Review of "Why Adopt?" by PetRescue 

This essay is another textual analysis by a homeschooled 11th grader from California. This student chose to write a literary review of the novel The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. What's particularly impressive about this essay is his depth of analysis and usage of detail from the text. In our opinion, this is college level work!

Earth 2.0

This persuasive essay was written by Jonah T., a homeschooler in his early teens. What's most impressive about his essay is the level of organization, detail, and critical thinking for a student in his early teens. Here, Jonah uses a compare and contrast approach to make a case in favor of the iPhone 6. In our Essay Rock Star persuasive essay module, students are allowed to choose their own topics while following a fairly strict essay structure.

IOS iPhone or Android Droid Turbo?

Kaylee, one of our middle school level homeschooled students, wrote this essay during the Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Short Course. This essay is a standout for us because Kaylee's writing voice and style demonstrate her vibrant personality as much as her content does.


In her persuasive essay shared below, Kayla F. poses the question "What's more important - imagination or knowledge?" We feel she presented powerful arguments in favor of imagination. Kayla is currently taking our full semester Essay Rock Star course.

What's more important - imagination or knowledge?

Below is a link to a persuasive writing piece by our student Lucy F., age 14, a homeschooled high schooler from South Dakota. For the persuasive essay module, one of four in our Essay Rock Star program, students are invited to choose their own prompt. Lucy chose a famous C.S. Lewis quote for her powerful persuasive essay.

On Friendship

This is the final draft of a personal narrative essay also by Kayla F., who just completed our Essay Rock Star Personal Statement short course. Here Kayla focuses on her experience participating in the NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month annual competition, where participants attempt to write an entire novel during the month of November.

Who Am I

This is a textual analysis essay by Abby C., a 16 year old student who wrote a review of a 1950's ketchup advertisement.
As you'll read below, Abby became passionate about researching how women have been portrayed in the U.S. media over the decades. Her essay began as a review of a simple ad but went much further by the time she was finished.

More Than Meets the Eye

This is the final essay in our Essay Rock Star semester long program by Devin H., one of our high school students. The essay below is an expository essay, an essay whose purpose is to explain or describe a chosen subject. Devin challenged himself with a very complicated process to explain for his final essay project, as you'll see below. We're sorry to see him go!

Air Intake and Exhaust Systems in Vehicular Engines

Here's another example of an excellent personal statement essay recently completed by one of our high school students, Sarah G. from Illinois. What makes this essay stand out for us is the smooth flow of Sarah's narrative and her crystal clear voice. Sarah is participating in our Essay Rock Star semester program and just finished the first module of the program. This type of essay is usually requested on college applications.


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